If you’re just busy, you’re not living YOUR LIFE.

Wow. It has been three years from my last post. A lot of time but I’m rising again!

I’ve dedicated the last five years growing the global digital footprint at Automobili Lamborghini and learning new things. I’ve pushed the boundaries in a well-renowned brand. Now I think it’s time to search for new challenges.

This is the reason why I’m thinking to:

  • Blogging. This blog is almost dead on Google. 0 visits, 0 unique sessions. It doesn’t matter: I will (YES, AGAIN!) blog in English here (everything started on WordPress.com in 2005) and repost on Medium.com and LinkedIn;
  • Launch a weekly vertical Newsletter based on one single topic. Digital Marketing? Social Media? The world of Luxury? The future of the Sport? I still don’t know. Feel free to suggest what’s your favorite topic below and let’s start to Subscribe to the future Newsletter below;
Peter Levels: Turning Side Projects into Profitable Startups
  • Done is better than perfect. I’m recovering all the notes and ideas arranged during those years to launch a side project. This talk made by Peter Levels inspired me. He founded Nomad List (see here the story) and a lot of small projects.

Which kind of side project? A marketing agency (oh, no, you’re crazy!)? A new tech startup (ah-ha, the Uber of…)? A simple but sustainable project (ok, it makes sense)?

I’m working on it and you will discover by subscribing to the Newsletter here:


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[UPDATE, April 29th] Seems that I’m not alone. Jon Yongfook is doing 12 startups in 12 months (h/t Fausto, thank you). It’s too much for me: I want to work on 1-2 max side projects.

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