Web Summit 2016: talks, startups and tips

This year I’ll attend the Web Summit as a media. You can read me on Twitter @darios and also on this blog the most interesting topics, startups of the event.

TALKS that I’ll follow:

November, 8th
Aviation to health: Lessons in cross-sector innovation
Robots should look and act like people
Every country will be digital
Club vs country: The pinnacle of rugby?
Building your brand in a mobile world

November, 9th
Why AI should have a body
Continuous Reinvention
Where autonomy, connectivity and electrification intersect: The new world of luxury cars
Social & smart data: Connecting with customers in new ways
Living, breathing, storytelling
Alone but not lost: The user in VR
The rise of geek culture and what it means for brands
Brand discovery online
Cracking local: Marketing strategies that worked and didn’t
Social media versus The Brand
Evolving wearables: Doing more with less
How content drives marketing

STARTUPS that I’d like to meet based on what I’ve seen on their website in 2 minutes:
AX Semantics

1) Startups: your pitch should be no longer than 5 minutes.
2) I’m using the WebSummit mobile app: let’s use the chat to meet in person!
3) I haven’t read it but the journalist Simon Cocking wrote the book “How to Crack the Web Summit 2016: Practical Tips & Advice from Attendees
4) Do you need a mobile Internet on your smartphone or tablet? I’ve found an interesting data plan by MEO. Feel free to suggest other solution.

Wanna Meet?
Send me a message on the Web Summit chat, tweet @darios or drop me an email: info at dariosalvelli.com

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