I want to signal this nice video on Youtube,that engtech give me on a comment. My post about the suggest of a Youtube for the sex world online,pornotube, has received many critics and someone has quite erroneously defined this mine blog like porno blog,when i always talk about ict world and the tendencies of Internet, writing the post without never to try some visit in more (i’m on Top Blog WordPress every day). Also web site as Techcrunch have suggested this type of link without being accused of nothing, make information is more important of whichever malicious thought: unfortunately, the web site more visit in Internet are those of the casinò online and about porno.

Voglio segnalare questo divertente video su Youtube, che engtech mi ha fornito nei commenti ad un post. Il mio post infatti sulla versione “hard” di Youtube, pornotube, ha ricevuto molte critiche tali che qualcuno ha erroneamente definito il mio blog come porno blog, quando qui ho sempre parlato di Ict e delle tendenze di Internet, scrivendo i post senza mai cercare una visita in più (sono ogni giorno sulla Top Blog di WordPress). Anche un sito come Techcrunch dopo di me ha parlato di un sito del genere linkandolo espressamente, senza essere accusato di nulla, fare informazione credo sia più importante di qualsiasi pensiero malizioso e malevole sul proprio operato: sfortunatamente, i siti web più visitati in Internet sono quelli relativi ai casinò online e quelli relativi al mondo del sesso.



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  • Dario,
    I absolutely cracked up when I watched this. Thank you for the comic relief. I’m glad you have illustrated that you have a sense of humour about this whole episode. And I’m sure you have noticed that I recanted my postition on your blog days ago here

    I said:
    I honestly don’t understand you. And I’m not sure what you mean by a second tool. When I wrote my blog post here coyotes.wordpress.com/2006/07/29/porno-blogs-fuel-the-global-sex-trade/ dario’s post entitled “Porno tube – you tube for hard” was being listed on my dashboard under the “Top Posts from Around WordPress.com”. I’m not making this up – it was there.
    I’m not MORE upset. I have accepted Podz’s position that dario only had a single post with a single porno link on an otherwise non-porno blog, and I even removed the link to his porno tube posting from my blog posting.
    Posted: 2006-07-30 19:20:22 #

  • Now that the laughter has died down the sadness has entered again. This is my position.

    IMO the techcrunch post seems to be more to be glorifying the porn site than it is providing ict information. IMO the post on your blog could be interpreted in the same way.

    IMO if you had restricted yourself to providing tech info (which are doing a good job of because you are always in the top posts) that would have been sufficient to your purpose. But IMO you went too far.

    I’m not not against nudity, but IMO you went overboard by providing a link to porno tube. IMO most people who came to your blog and read your post have been and will be using the link in your post to visit the actual site and IMO you knew that would probably be the case when you posted it.

    You know that your site appeals to people from different age groups and that many of your readers have formed a positive opinion about your site from frequently visiting. You also know that not all who come here are repeat visitors. And you can see from your own comments that some commenters found this porno tube posting to be “black”.

    IMO if you want to maintain a standard of professionalism in ict reporting then you will not make posting porno links in your blog a patterned behaviour. You have so more potential than allowing your blog to become diminshed by posting such links. Therefore, I’m expecting you to go beyond the standard of excellence you have already set. And I am wishing you well.

  • @timethief: Sorry,I was outside and have read only now. Did not know the existence of a this post on the wordpress forum,i am more afflicted: i will remove the link to the pornotube site because want to have you understood that my intents were positive,my philosphy is to “tickling the attention of who reads” but this setting up a discussion on a theme means,really because how you say I already have readers and do not need to look for other. Who would read a boring blog,what does the user not make actively participate with comments,reflections ? I assure you what from my blog stats have had many visits from other blog and sites which have link my post,for this the post has collected success very much and he had been so independently if I had inserted the link of pornotube. I hope that you have understood that this blog is like that of Robert Scoble on wordpress for instance or as other web site as Techcrunch,Digg. In the dashboard there is now the link “report mature” that allows to signal if a blog is adult,if I have been causes it am pleased with this very good feature.

    @engtech: There are many video on Youtube about this: how do you think of her on this matter ? I know your blog because how mine deals with these technical subjects.

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