Il migliore e-reader sul mercato

E’ il giornale:

The most obvious advantage of The Newspaper was the size of its display, which outclassed its rivals both in terms of size and elasticity. The Newspaper display could be read at full size or, when flipped open, twice its normal width. We also had no trouble reading copy when the display was flipped to half or even quarter size. One of our engineers even figured out how to make a hat.

One drawback to The Newspaper display was that it used a much older version of the e-ink employed in some other e-reader displays.

The Newspaper is more than some devices, when prorated over the course of two or more years, but inexpensive month-to-month.

The device’s internal security system was chief among these attractions. We left one Newspaper on a park bench for six hours and, upon return, found it in the exact same place.
Battery life was also a plus, as The Newspaper lasted 24 hours—much longer than its next-best rival

The Newspaper also has a great number of apps already downloaded onto the device, ones we have yet to see on any other e-reader.

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