Dalle intercettazioni telefoniche a quelle dei social network

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Interessante articolo di The Economist: Untangling the social web . Si comincia a parlare di “societal network“:

Companies can spot these influencers, and work out all sorts of other things about their customers, by crunching vast quantities of calling data with sophisticated “network analysis” software. Instead of looking at the call records of a single customer at a time, it looks at customers within the context of their social network.
By one estimate there are more than 100 programs for network analysis, also known as link analysis or predictive analysis. Adoption is being driven by the availability of more sources of information, and by the fact that network-analysis software is becoming easier to use.

The next step beyond mapping influence between individuals is to map the influences between larger segments of society. Once these societal networks of influence can be accurately mapped, they can be used to promote the spread of particular ideas—those that support stability and democracy, for example

Conosci uno di questi 100 programmi di network analysis, che sia open source e facile da usare? Sarebbe interessante (se non c’è già) realizzare una lista con le caratteristiche per ogni software.

2 thoughts on “Dalle intercettazioni telefoniche a quelle dei social network

  1. “those that support stability and democracy, for example”. Incredibile come la retorica della tecnologia come mezzo di bene, democrazia, diritti e libertà si ripeta al comparire di ogni nuova tecnologia, di ogni nuovo medium, ora anche per i singoli software.

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