What The Fuck is Social Media?

What The Fuck is Social Media?

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Cosa sono questi fottutti Social Media e perchè ci dovrebbero interessare? La presentazione qui sopra lo spiega in maniera forse più garbata della domanda.

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  1. Your old communication and socks « Talent Alchemy 11 July 2008 at 09:56 - Reply

    […] Social media isn’t just a collection of new capabilities. It’s a new paradigm in communication. Monologues, like BPM’s socks, hold fewer peoples’ attention. Dialogue is expected. Both parties are listening and exchanging ideas. New capabilities birth new expectations. For more detail explanation and trends on social media you can view Dario Salvelli’s online slide deck (Caution: this deck contains profanity, but it makes great points) […]

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