The Blog on Materazzi is for sale on ebay – Il blog su Materazzi

I have already suggest the blog on Materazzi in WordPress that are on top blogs since many days. Now the autor has sell the blog on ebay: the price of start is 1 eur but now is arrived to EUR 20,50. This is crazy: how to sell a blog.

Ho già parlato del blog su Materazzi presente su WordPress nella top ten da diversi giorni. Ora l’autore ha messo in vendita il blog su ebay: il prezzo di partenza è di 1 euro e mentre vi scrivo è arrivato a 20.50 Euro. Questo è pazzesco: come vendere un blog.

17 thoughts on “The Blog on Materazzi is for sale on ebay – Il blog su Materazzi

  1. @Guillermo: Il problema non è relativo alla facilità o meno della vendita di un blog,ma a tanti aspetti: il blog è nato come diario personale e si è evidentemente evoluto. La questione poi come diceva Luca nei commenti è diversa: lo spazio qui si wordpress è offerto dallo stesso in maniera completamente gratuita,tant’è vero che non è possibile fare pubblicità (ovvero guadagnarci dei soldi) inserendo ad esempio gli Ads. Quindi un eventuale compratore dovrebbe tener conto di questo: comprare qualcosa che non rende non è abbastanza inutile ? Le 25 mila visite giornaliere sono in fin dei conti una bolla di sapone che tra qualche giorno probabilmente scoppierà dissolvendosi.
    Insomma anche io ho avuto in una giornata più di 10mila visite ( ) e lo sesso Scoble ( ) ha migliaia di visite al giorno ma non per questo vendiamo il blog. :)

  2. Dear Dario
    So sorry that I’m not able to respond in italian, but I sort of understand what you mean. I think you’re sadly struck in the 1.0 – let’s say 1.1 to compromize – age, which is typically shown on your comment regarding the “soap bubble”, whereas our anti Materozzi (cazzo :) friend is right on the future.

    He knows that with a good business plan and some bold advertizing practices he will grow its reader’s base and cash on the blog, up to the IPO.

    That’s the thing in France : we know about business.

  3. soprattutto non puo’ venderlo! il blog è a tutti gli effetti una proprietà di che gliene concede l’uso gratuito…come fa con tutti!

  4. well, we don’t sell the blog, technically… we sell the login/passwords, regardless of what’s inside of the blog. If you buy it and decide to trash it, it’ll just be fine with us ;)

  5. @guillermo: Oh Guillermo, you have talk in Italian so i respose with it. Well, here draft not to know itself to take advantage of the transactions and if the French are better, me it seems enough useless. Now there are also comments 1,0 and 1.1 ? To sell a blog wants to say to be modern and in the age of web the 2.0? This blog talk about web 2.0 and the new Ict,but the issue that you do not understand and that in the comments under precise materazzi, it is that it is not possible to sell a blog of which is not owners and they do not exist business plan that they resist to this choice. Here there isn’t a possibility to do adsense or publicity so nobody would buy something that cannot render.

    @materazzi: Bah,”technically”…you sell login access but you understand that nobody would buy something in order not to earn to us. Moreover creed is not possible to sell the access data because they are granted in free way by WordPress.

  6. @dario > you may be right, I’m afraid. I don’t know. Honestly, that somebody would already spend 22 Euros 50 on such a blog is quite freaky to me, anyway, since you can’t even put adwords on it (as you mentioned previously).

    Even so, for an e-shop or something, it could drive a bit more traffic to their website for a cheap price by adding links, etc.

    Anyway, this discussion we’re having here is the only one that makes sense to me that has arised out of the materazzi/zidane matter.

    the Materazzi blog I operate is just a piece of catharsis, not worthy of anything. It just shows how silly masses can be when they’re focused on something by the mainstream media.

    Quite interesting, and, I might add, very, very frightening.

  7. @materazzi: I am happy that you give me reason,here was discussing himself about your operation, whoever can buy a blog out of a free blogging brand as WordPress. And true that an outside web site could increase the visits but the thing most interesting as you were saying is the easily which in Net these phenomena are created with a bombardment of the traditional media,and also of the Internet.
    The blog on ebay now is 104.00 Eur,compliments for this results: in my blog one talks about web 2.0, of the ict, of new technologies for this I have mentioned your case as soap bubble example.
    Brake a leg. :)

  8. @dario > just come back from holidays… a friend did the transaction for me on e-bay, and the blog sale went smooth, and my friend managed a side transaction slightly higher than the ebay limit you mention. email me for details if you’re interested; I’d also like to see you r bubble example if you’ve written it down somewhere…
    ps: obviously, I don’t write with the previous e-mail / handle. That’s because I’ve sold them ;)

  9. @dario > sorry, no, no public disclosure on the selling price. A bit higher than the amount you mentioned, though. But not twice the price ;)

  10. @Alex: Si,il blog è stato venduta a circa 104 euro credo: ovviamente piu che blog,visto che questa piattaforma è gratuita,sono state vendute le parole d’accesso (username/pwd). Ebbi anche uno scambio di mail con il venditore credo le abbia cancellate.

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