Perchè non bisogna dare soldi ad Haiti

Sul blog della Reuters ci sono delle motivazioni per le quali non bisogna donare soldi alla popolazione di Haiti ed in generale nel caso di disastri naturali del genere. Viene anche suggerita una lista di cose da fare e non fare in caso di donazioni.

Sono ragioni plausibili ma non condizioni necessarie e sufficienti a mio avviso per non dare neanche un soldo in queste occasioni:

For one thing, right now there’s very little that can be done with the money. There are myriad bottlenecks and obstacles involved in getting help to the Haitians who need it, but lack of funds is not one of them. For the next few weeks, help will come largely from governments, who are also spending hundreds of millions of dollars and mobilizing thousands of soldiers to the cause. But with the UN alone seeking to raise $550 million, it’s going to be easy to say that all the money donated to date isn’t remotely enough.

The problem is that Haiti, if it wasn’t a failed state before the earthquake, is almost certainly a failed state now — and one of the lessons we’ve learned from trying to rebuild failed states elsewhere in the world is that throwing money at the issue is very likely to backfire.
If you want to be certain that your donation will be well spent, you might be a bit worried that, for instance, Yele is going to be receiving 20% of the proceeds of the telethon.

A proposito, quasi dimenticavo: non per fare gli esaltati ma i social media ed Internet stanno assumendo un bel ruolo nelle difficili comunicazioni di Haiti. O se vuoi anche solo gli SMS


– Certo che se pure Clinton e Bush si sono messi insieme per raccogliere fondi…

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