Nuovo provvedimento di Agcom

Nuovo provvedimento di Agcom

Agcom l’Autorità delle Telecomunicazioni sta recependo per il mercato ADSL all’ingrosso, il nuovo codice delle telecomunicazioni, deciso dalle istituzioni europee nel 2002,ed è la prima riforma ADSL italiana dal 2000 . Le novità ed il provvidimento che constano di una ventina di pagine circa (che potrebbe finalmente far abbassare i prezzi con l’offerta Bitstream) son disponibili qui.

Sia ben chiaro,le novità riguardano gli addetti ai lavori e gli operatori e sono orientate a modificare quindi il mercato delle Adsl: per gli utenti ci potrebbero esser vantaggi nei costi,nella varietà dell’offerta con e senza voce e nell’aumento delle velocità (si spera finalmente anche in upload).

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  1. The bad monopolio of Telecom Italia « Dario Salvelli’s Blog 8 September 2006 at 11:51 - Reply

    […] Have not been enough meetings, provisions, offers, in the Tlc market in Italy to be able to reduce the digital divide and the costs for the users of the broadband: is it really all Telecom Italy fault? According to an ECTA (the European association of the alternative operators of telecommunications) relationship available here really seems: the Italian monopoly of the carrier places Italy in delay with respect to other European countries with a penetration of the equal broadband to 12,7% (the European average is of the 15% or 14.1% according to the calculated countries). There is not competition in Italy they shout from Europe and all the wrongs do not have: little and not significant the attempts of fusion of the other operators and poor the contribution of the government (that past and present) for the moment to the “new ones” Wi-fi and Wi-Max technologies: minister Gentiloni what intent to do has? Let that Telecom as already rumors of long ago were showing sold to Murdoch? To such purpose want to signal you the exit just today of this excellent dossier by Punto Informatico scientist which touches all the appearances and explains the Italian situation: I wait from the Agcom for a further effort not only as guarantor authority and control but what proposes studies and solutions with greater frequency because maybe the Italian politicians do yet not have understood the situation of the ICT. […]

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