Nuovi schiavi crescono in Africa


Il Daily Mail a firma di Peter Hitchens scrive un lungo articolo di come la Cina stia costruendo un nuovo impero in Africa mediante lo sfruttamento degli schiavi con una paga che si aggira attorno ai 3$ al giorno:

I can give you no better explanation in miniature of the wicked thing that I believe is now happening in Africa.

Out of desperation, much of the continent is selling itself into a new era of corruption and virtual slavery as China seeks to buy up all the metals, minerals and oil she can lay her hands on: copper for electric and telephone cables, cobalt for mobile phones and jet engines – the basic raw materials of modern life.

It is crude rapacity, but to Africans and many of their leaders it is better than the alternative, which is slow starvation.

One thought on “Nuovi schiavi crescono in Africa

  1. la Cina è solo l’ultima delle potenze che sfrutta l’africa…. gli stati europei lo fanno semplicemente tramite le grosse compagnie private.. ma sempre di sfruttamento si tratta

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