New features on GTalk: File Transfer,Voicemail,Music Status

Finally Google Talk has an update with many features as File Transfer, Voicemail and Music Status. To have this interesting features, what finally approach GTalk to Msn, you can right click google talk tray icon -> Check for updates now. The new version is the enjoy it and give me feedback on comments.

Finalmente Google Talk ha un importante update con molte nuove features come File Transfer, Voicemail e il Music Status. Per avere queste interessanti funzioni, che finalmente avvicinano GTalk a Msn, è necessario cliccare con il tasto destro sull’icona di GTalk presente nella tray bar di windows e cliccare su Check for updates now. La nuova versione è la provatela ed inviatemi feedback nei commenti.

2 thoughts on “New features on GTalk: File Transfer,Voicemail,Music Status

  1. Gtalk is slowly delivering on the promise and there by giving the proprietary IMs a run for their money

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