For the the world cup of soccer 2006 there is eighth of end Italy vs Australia. The “canguri” they will give of sure of the thread twisting to the square of Lippi, than of not ago sure of the race its better characteristic: Guus Hiddink, thanks to Moreno arbitrator, it has already eliminated the Italian square with South Korea. The game begins today to the hours 17:00 gtm, will direct the encounter MEDINA CANTALEJO Luis: of sure Lippi it will send in Totti field, it is unknown if behind the pair Toni-Gilardino. In Australia, will play Kewill-Viduka or will play with one single tip and ready it’s middle center to become part. Memory that the game will be free visible online.

Per la coppa del mondo di calcio 2006 c’è l’ottavo di finale Italy vs Australia. I “canguri” daranno di certo del filo da torcere alla squadra di Lippi, che non fa di certo della corsa la sua caratteristica migliore: Guus Hiddink grazie anche all’aiuto dell’arbitro Moreno ha già eliminato la squadra italiana con la Corea del Sud. La partita inizia oggi alle ore 17:00 gtm, dirigerà l’incontro MEDINA CANTALEJO Luis: di certo Lippi manderà in campo Totti, non si sa se dietro il duo Toni-Gilardino. L’Australia schiererà Kewill-Viduka o giocherà con una sola punta ed il suo folto centrocampo pronto ad inserirsi. Ricordo che la partita sarà visibile online.


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  • Those cheating fucking diving italian cock heads can go fuck themselves. There is no fucking way they deserved to beat us Aussies. See you in 2010 and don’t for a moment think we wont be there. This was no fluke we are easier in the top 32 sides in the world. We have just had a fucked up draw to qualify playing all the south american nations and guess what we knocked out uragray (how ever the fuck you spell it) to be here and then defeated Japan, were the better team againts Brazil and drew with Croatian and then we would have smashed Italy in Extra time. Bullshit is all I can say. AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE OI OI OI