Grouper lets video viewers leave video comments

Via Grouper Blog, Grouper a famous video sharing site has launched a new interesting features with his player, you can leave a video comment (account registration is required), usually text comment on video are really boring: you can easy to publish video on your site (with one-click publishing support for MySpace, Friendster, Blogger, and WordPress).

Via Grouper Blog su WordPress, Grouper famoso sito di video sharing ha lanciato una nuova interessante funzione con il suo player, la possibilità di inviare commenti video (è necessario essere registrati), di soliti i messaggi di testo come commenti sono davvero noiosi: è possibile inoltre pubblicare con un click il video sul proprio blog (supporta MySpace, Friendster, Blogger, e WordPress).

2 thoughts on “Grouper lets video viewers leave video comments

  1. wow! that’s so cool. a video comment post will be a great breakthrough in the blogosphere. plus the fact that it’s kind of cute. :p

    webcams are dirt-cheap these days, so it’s an easy-job to create a video comment. the question lies with the bandwidth and huge streaming, particularly for those dialup users.

  2. @isulong: Yes,for all the video sharing web site the problem is the bandwith,also to upload the video: but this is a pretty way instead of text comment,that often also in youtube no one does or reads.

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