Freshlinks è un elenco di link da me suggeriti. Tutti i numeri di Freshlink li trovi qui.
Freshlinks is a collection of various link that I least write once at the week: all past link here.

Web Apps: [Sistema Operativo in Flash – Os in Flash]

Games: [I 10 giochi che più desiderate avere su Nintendo DS – Ten Games on Nintendo DS]

Games: [Trivial Pursuit is now online]

Event: [Eclissi di Luna, le foto]

Software: [From Windows Xp to Wista: transformer – Trasformare Windows Xp in Vista]

Blogging: [WordPress 2.1.1 is dangerous]

Blogging: [Parte Oneblog il Network di – Another blog network: Oneblog]

Music: [San Remo Festival: the winner is Simone Cristicchi. Wath and hear this funny video]

Web: [Buxfer: new social/mobile payments site]

Web: [Cisco Buying Tribe a Social]

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