Avevo inviato la richiesta di accesso alle mie informazioni prima che Facebook rimuovesse il form per chiedere i dati personali. Facebook mi ha risposto con una email molto standard in cui non c’è un link, un file o un metodo per ricevere su di un supporto elettronico l’accesso a tutti i dati che conserva ma soltanto quelli disponibili da profilo.

Credo che segnalerò la cosa all’Irish Data Protection Commissioner via email prima di capire come rispondere a Facebook. Ricopio qui di seguito il messaggio.


We have received your request for information about your personal data held by Facebook. This email is our response to your subject access request in in accordance with the provisions of EU Directive 95/46/EC.

Please read through this email to learn about the types of personal data that Facebook processes and how you can access your personal data.

Personal Data Processed By Facebook

We encourage you to have a look at the Privacy Policy (also called “Data Use Policy”), which provides for a description of:

• the categories of data being processed by Facebook,
• the personal data that Facebook receives from Facebook members,
• the purpose or purposes of the processing of such data,
• the source or sources(s) of the data, if known, and
• the recipients or categories of recipients to whom Facebook members’ personal data are or may be disclosed.

This policy may be updated from time to time as we develop the Facebook service and you will find the current version at http://www.facebook.com/about/privacy/

Accessing Your Personal Data – for Facebook users

We’ve built a convenient self-service tool to offer people who use Facebook the opportunity to access the personal data we hold about them in accordance with the provisions of EU Directive 95/46/EC.

You can access your data immediately any time, free of charge. In this download, we’ve included all the data that we believe necessary to comply with the requirements of data protection law. Please note that this tool provides you with data that is currently held in your profile (timeline).

Please note that we are currently undergoing an audit by our European data protection regulator, the Irish Data Protection Commission. This includes an examination of the categories of data that should be provided in response to a subject access request. This may result in changes to the download tool in the future.

To access the self-service data access tool:

1. Click the account menu at the top right of any Facebook page
2. Choose Account Settings
3. Click the link at the bottom of the page “Download a copy of your Facebook data”
Check to see whether we have your credit card information stored by clicking > Account Settings > Payment Methods. From there, you may choose to change or delete stored credit card information.

Please note that we have several measures in place to ensure the security of your information. We require you to confirm your identity to complete the process. You will not be able to access the downloaded information until you have completed the security check.

Your downloaded file may contain sensitive information. You should keep it secure and take precautions when storing, sending or uploading it to any other services.

Remember: You can also access the personal data held in your current profile (timeline) anytime by logging in to Facebook. When you have logged in, you can correct, change or delete your information. If you are having trouble logging in to your account, please visit our Login and Password help page:


Accessing Your Personal Data – for non-users and those unable to access Facebook account

If you are a non-user or cannot access your profile, please visit the following page:

You will find a special form here for you to make a request to access your data.

Thanks for contacting Facebook,
Facebook User Operations – Data Access Request Team

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  • Stessa cosa anche per me. E’ un comportamento molto seccante, al termine dei 40 giorni segnalerò la cosa all’Irish Data Protection Commissioner