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//Clipmarks: clip the web

Clipmarks: clip the web

I have noticed in my referrer a “new” web 2.0 service in Ajax, clipmarks: users find clip interesting things they find on the web, news, facts, stories and images, and the community pops the most clipworthy and rather than bookmarking the entire page they clip and share. You can add other people’s clips to your own library, comment on other people’s clips and follow your favorite clippers and topics: this is different from service as Digg. There are the Faq and a demo to understand the service and we can also use a Firefox/Flock exstension or a plugin for IE in such a way after the install u have some button to clip directly what you want. The system has many tags. There is also a blog. Clipmarks is depopulating

Ho trovato mediante i miei referrer un “nuovo” (ha qualche mese) servizio web 2.0 in Ajax, clipmarks: è possibile registrandosi salvare le proprie clip, tutto ciò che di interessante si è trovato sul web, news, fatti, storie, immagini, da condividere anche (se volete) pubblicamente con la community che provvederà ad effettuare un rating sulla vostra clip anche commentandola. Insomma se una volta eravate costretti ad effettuare un inutile bookmarking delle pagine web che vi interessavano ora potete salvare la vostra clip, selezionando l’intera pagina web o selezionando alcune parti con la possibilità anche di stampare ciò che volete: tutto questo è diverso da servizi come Digg. Delle Faq ed una demo ci aiutano a capire meglio come fare, è possibile infatti utilizzare un estensione per Firefox/Flock o un plugin for IE: in ogni modo dopo l’installazione avremo qualche bottone per poter direttamente “clippare” ciò che ci interessa. Il sistema è dotato di molti tag. C’è anche un a blog che vi tiene aggiornati. Clipmarks sta spopolando.

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  1. Dario Salvelli’s Blog » What’s Web 2.0 ? 9 August 2006 at 11:40 - Reply

    […] This is an interesting video documentary about what’s Web 2.0, a great discussion with a number of startup Ceo as Technorati that partecipate to the contest. I have already talk about some 2.0 apps as Climparks or the italians 2spaghi and Maiom. […]

  2. Netvibes,Popurls: in Italy there is now basketurlS « Dario Salvelli’s Blog 25 August 2006 at 11:51 - Reply

    […] It tires of the aggregatori online? In the world us of they are many, pack-saddles to think next to Netvibes, Popurls in Italy not still. Luca marks it a new similar plan, made in Italy and for Italy net: basketurlS. That the web site proposes is a news aggregator, signaling in the homepage the last ones thread of other Italian aggregator like Oknotizie and Taggly or of paper as Repubblica; the international ones Digg and Delicious could not lack. The web site is still under costruction with new features and many things go arranged especially in the usability of the layout even though the box are movable: for the news follow theirs blog and the Rss feed. Personally I begin to being tired with all these clone-aggregator-news, they end in order to become dispersive list that they combine information of most various (the future is this or in specific web site? ) making place often after least minuteren to other “more fresh ones”: the system of ballots (Oknotizie style) or rating not creed by now functions to duty and the immensity of present information is enough efficient date online, the task already for a long time for situated like Digg. For this reason that perhaps i prefer web site as Clipmarks, of which there is a new version, nothing of new it always is also social-bookmarking but perhaps little boring. […]

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