Work Experience Student Agreement

11. All officers must be given due consideration before trainees and persons with professional experience have access to information, particularly sensitive information. In addition to the above, all general insurance documents must be purchased. Form A must be completed by the host company, which confirms that it has a health and safety directive; conducted a risk assessment Employers and liability insurance covering the student; informed their insurers of the presence of the students; Training and protective clothing are provided. UH in case of injury, etc. As part of the work experience agreement, staff and students should discuss health and safety issues and identify the risk of work to be done. If the risk is high, students should not do the activity. Look at the obvious dangers that could reasonably expect them to cause considerable damage to the student in the work environment. B for example, fire, chemicals, dust, fumes, machines.

Students should take all necessary measures to protect themselves from risk by reducing risk, working only within their current level of qualification and experience, and seeking additional training at the school or organization. (6) Work experience must be associated and initiated by the student or educational institution A “work experience contract form” must be completed by any student wishing to complete a short or medium term internship and accepted by the tutor 3 weeks before the start of the work experience and handed over to the student`s office. 7. When granting professional experience opportunities to an individual, any economic benefit induced by the university will be linked to professional experience related to employer responsibility and public responsibility before work experience begins with the “Professional Experience Agreement” form. 5. Interns must be required to sign a confidentiality agreement if they have access or are expected to work with the personal information of staff and students, work experience and internships are set up to provide a learning experience ranging from the classroom to the workplace and giving the individual the experience of applying knowledge in the work context. 1. Internships and work experience are to be offered as unpaid opportunities, if a student or tutor is involved in any way, they should seek additional advice.