Wesley Mission Enterprise Agreement

The Fair Work Board can also assist employers and employees in trade negotiations through its New Approaches program. Learn more about the new approaches on the Fair Work Board website. If a workplace has a registered agreement, the premium does not apply. However, I can now confirm that your new collective agreement has now been certified by the Fair Work Board (SWC). You can read your new agreement here with the relevant commitments that Wesley Mission had to fulfill. Registered agreements are valid until terminated or redeemed. Congratulations on your commitment. If it hadn`t been for members like you – making the decision to become a union member, being willing to get involved through communication and activity – then an agreement with Wesley Mission might never have happened. While your colleagues at Blue Care are still waiting to negotiate with their employer, it`s great for you in this case that Wesley Mission has decided to part ways with Blue Care to negotiate a new deal with you. Under the extensive direction of the Clinical Manager, Hummingbird House, the Personal Care Worker is responsible for the holistic care and support of the individuals being cared for and their families. This position will help the clinical team achieve the best result for Hummingbird House guests The change of offer would not have occurred had it not been for the perseverance of the members to advocate at the bargaining table for salaries that adequately reward staff for the work done.

To further develop your union strength at Wesley Mission, you should talk to your colleagues about the importance of being an AsU member together and encourage them to join. Workers are really stronger together!. We recognize and honor our exceptional employees in a variety of ways, including an employee-wide organizational recognition program known as “A Chance to Shine,” which gives us the opportunity to showcase specific employees or teams who have performed significantly. We do everything in our power to maximize our employees` take-away salary opportunities by offering a wide range of benefits to certain award-winning and un-rewarded employees. Read our full update here with a summary of the most important claim points. New wage offer presented – Our union, The Services Union, has been informed by Wesley Mission Queensland (WMQ) that it will amend the wage offer in the draft Company Bargaining Agreement (EBA). Our dedicated learning and development department and our own Wesley Vocational Institute support employees through tailor-made programmes to improve their skills and knowledge so that they are well prepared for current and future challenges and opportunities. .