Warm Homes Fund Recipient Agreement

What happens if our costs are lower than expected and the amount of WHF funding, reimbursed on a cost-by-measure basis, exceeds the amount required to fully fund the project? Suffolk councils have all recognized that we are facing a climate emergency and that we must move towards net zero greenhouse gas emissions. We found that the heating systems installed for this project are at odds with the overall zero target, but we are committed to continuing delivery because households living in fuel poverty currently do not have a viable alternative. Suffolk County Council will write to the extraction centre, which supports this work, to encourage it to recognize the climate emergency and provide funds for the installation of coal farms/zero carbon-free heating systems. All Suffolk councils continue to work through 2020 to find ways to continue to help communities and businesses address the causes of climate change. The essential condition is that households are poverty in fuel or threatened. There is therefore no restriction on the nature of seniority. We are particularly interested in proposals for private sector housing (including private rentals). Make sure you respect the terms of the agreement before submitting the offer. The agreement consists of two parts; Calendar 1 contains financing information that contains the basis on which rates are calculated, while Calendar 2 includes financing conditions. By removing ECO credits, will the WHF continue to consider oil facilities as part of a Category 2 project? With a defined allocation between England, Scotland and Wales Despite changes in THE funding of the ECO, we still see oil as a possible solution to combat fuel poverty in rural areas. That is why we have held discussions with a number of stakeholders (including BEIS) on the financing of central oil heating measures and on an agreement on offsetting CO2 emissions. This would allow us to close some funds for oil solutions, mainly for households, but also for social housing, where a 50% contribution is made available by the owner. Eligibility criteria may also differ from the WHF`s normal rules for a maximum income cap.

These discussions will continue and we will make further announcements if and when a system is agreed. In the meantime, we recommend that you continue to make proposals containing oil as a solution, although we can defer a decision on this element of your proposal until the outcome of the discussions outlined.