Vendor Rebate Agreement Template

The information provided is also displayed in the credit delivery field in the Margin Estimate section on the Price Details page. If you apply the PO remission agreement, system calculates all agreement discounts that automatically meet the conditions. For each credit pointer in the creditor discount group, open the credit report and click Edit in the action area. In the information register, select different details in the Credit Discount Group box the group of credit discounts you created previously. Click here to access the discount comments page, where you can view and add comments on the discount. Net – The discount is calculated on the basis of the net price of the item (the price after the application of other discounts). The billing position gives details of the lender`s invoice for the purchase category commissions and discounts. Then I tried to configure these rules into unique lines on different reduction program identifiers. The discount request is calculated, but all applicable discount programs accumulate and create different discount positions for the same order that is not expected. The customer wants discounted fees to be calculated only according to the most appropriate discount rule, even if they are all configured. You can enter a note on a discount agreement.

If a memo is present, the words See memo at the top of the form are displayed or the system highlights the chord number. Check and crush ChartFields that are affiliated with the PeopleSoft Receivables business unit associated with the rebate agreement. The system defaults to ChartFields from the AR distribution code set for the PeopleSoft Receivables unit. PeopleSoft Receivables ChartFields are necessary if the billing method of the rebate agreement is far from a proof of adjustment. If the value is available and the total purchase amount or amount exceeds this value, some combinations of the “Reduction Column Type” and “Amount Type Values” type type may lead to a miscalculation of discount amounts. Therefore, the following combinations are not allowed and you will receive a message if you try to enter them in the agreement: the order date must be within the validity dates indicated for the agreement. Activate this box if the discount agreement is open to all items. If you activate this checkbox, you cannot enter items or categories for the discount agreement on the Discount – Discount Agreement page. Enter the purchase category (P1-P5) with which you enter the category code values for discounts. You indicate this value in the system constants (P4009W) that you accessed by pressing F10 branch/installation constants (P41204). Shows text explaining the five different types of discounts with examples, namely standard or Stepped, retrospective, Flat, Growth Bonus and Market Contribution.

Select the discount manager for this discount agreement. Discount managers are users who are listed with the role “Discount Manager.” If you set up discounts as I said, system creates four sets of credit discounts individually.