Triput Agreement

I have always believed that it is in our best interest and I will work towards that goal. However, this withdrawal agreement must not undermine the constitutional and economic integrity of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. The agreement must also provide fundamental democratic tests. The backstop jeopardizes these fundamental principles. This House has repeatedly confirmed its compliance with the Belfast Agreement. President Juncker and Mr Barnier did so this morning. One of the fundamental principles of this agreement is the equal appreciation between the two traditions of Northern Ireland, which means that citizens are treated and heard on an equal footing with Unionist and nationalist traditions. In some cases, tripartite agreements may cover the owner of the land, the architect or architect and the contractor. These agreements are in essence “not a fault” of agreements in which all parties agree to correct their errors or negligences and not to make other parties liable for unfaithful omissions or errors.

To avoid errors and delays, they often contain a detailed quality plan and determine when and where regular meetings will take place between the parties. What kind of relationship do you plan to have with Britain in the future: a positive relationship based on friendship and goodwill and mutual interest, or on anger, bitterness and exclusion? Anyone who really strives to reach an agreement must redouble their efforts to reach an agreement. This requires goodwill and flexibility on both sides. Remember that nothing is possible in the EU and that anything is possible if there is political will. The outstanding problem, of course, is the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. No 0 is more interested in peace than the people of Northern Ireland and the British government. Despite all its shortcomings, we are committed to the Belfast Agreement, the so-called Good Friday Agreement. This agreement does not mention the border. But it is based on equal appreciation between the two communities, the two traditions of Northern Ireland.

And remember, please, that the majority of the population of Northern Ireland is Unionist, they are proud to be both Northern Irish and British, and they want to remain so. Some in this House seem to have forgotten that.