Facebook è il social network più diffuso: il forum il migliore

E quindi Facebook non è necessariamente il migliore social network. Almeno per le aziende. Lo sostiene una ricerca della University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research:

Almost three-quarters (71%) of companies in the Inc. 500 used Facebook in 2010, up from 61% the previous year, so it’s certainly an avenue being explored. In contrast, 59% used Twitter and half used blogging.
The platform most familiar to the 2010 Inc. 500 is Facebook with 87% of respondents claiming to be “very familiar” with it. Another noteworthy statistic around familiarity is Twitter’s amazing “share of mind” with 71% percent (up from 62% in 2009) reporting being familiar with the relatively new micro blogging and social networking site. Forty-four percent say Facebook is the single most effective social networking platform they use.

Good, old-fashioned, message boards were seen as the social media tool with which businesses have had the most success in 2010 (93%). A third of the companies involved in the research used message boards in 2010.
Facebook was successfully used by 85% of respondents, a marked improvement on 2009’s 54%, but still trailing behind podcasting (89%), blogging (88%), and Twitter (81%).

Che cosa usano ancora molto le aziende? I message boards! Insomma i forum sono ancora i social network migliori.