Stewardship Agreement

Guidance for meeting the requirements of an agreement on environmental responsibility. (7) As part of a trust agreement and on a case-by-case basis, the Ministry of Agriculture or the National Forestry Office may provide a landowner with greater legal certainty with respect to state rules. The trust agreement identifies specific measures of voluntary landowners that go beyond regulatory requirements. In return, the State Department of Agriculture or the State Board of Forestry may agree to exempt the landowner from any future changes to a certain rule. (1) As noted in this section, “trust agreement” refers to an agreement entered into and signed voluntarily by a landowner or landowner`s representative and the State Department of Agriculture or the State Board of Forestry, which defines the conditions under which the landowner will regulate the applicable regulatory requirements himself in order to meet and exceed applicable regulatory requirements and maintain conservation , restoration and habitat improvement for wildlife or water quality. Environmental Stewardship (ES) is a land management system. The Rural Payments Agency (RPA) manages existing agreements until the agreed end date. Link to instructions on how changes to digital maps in the Rural Payments service can affect added agreements. The terms of your existing agreements are defined by the corresponding schematic manual. (2) The State Department of Agriculture and the State Board of Forestry may enter into trust agreements with landowners individually or jointly. (3) The objectives of a loyalty agreement are: use the forms and instructions to help you manage your ES agreement.

(b) the requirement for any landowner subject to a trust agreement to demonstrate that he or she is clearly capable of implementing the provisions of the land management plan and that it is in the past in good compliance with existing land use and management laws and regulations. (6) Fiduciary contracts may provide property owners with benefits that include, but are not limited: (8) The State Department of Agriculture and the State Board of Forestry may, individually or collectively, conclude that the activities carried out by a landowner or a representative of the landowner under a trust agreement are consistent with the objectives and guidelines of any agreement to protect the safety or protection of candidates. concluded between the State of Oregon and agencies. U.S. government under the Federal Endangered Species Act of 1973 (P.L.