Non Disclosure Agreement Dubai

2. Contract for the transfer of invention. This agreement awards all intellectual property rights to relevant work products established by a start-up`s staff or contractors after its inception. Contracts for the sale of inventions are usually signed not only by employees, but also by the founders of a start-up. This ensures that the start-up has its own ownership of all items in its intellectual property portfolio. An agreement on the transfer of intellectual property is one of the tools you need to ensure that your start-up has fully and cleanly in writing all the intellectual property rights of the company. This will help your start-up avoid the costly problems that might arise, for example. B, patent disc claims or competing companies trying to copy your software or product offering. In addition, intellectual property divestment agreements are the key to maintaining ownership of your start-up in its intellectual property portfolio. This can be especially important for technology startups, as it is often the value of your intellectual portfolio that investors and venture capitalists will evaluate. (1) It should clearly identify the parties to the agreement on the transfer of intellectual property. By signing an intellectual property transfer agreement, the opposing party (Assignor) transfers its intellectual property shares to the receiving party (agent). Contrary to international standards, in the United Arab Emirates, the transfer of ownership of works created by their employees during employment depends on employers, the nature of employment and intellectual property rights of concern.

A recommended approach to ensure that all prior or unwritten agreements relating to the transfer of intellectual property are clearly documented is to grant confirmation between the parties. A transfer of confirmation is a “confirmation” of an unwritten prior transfer of intellectual property rights between two or more parties. Nevertheless, as noted above, general contract law, labour law and unfair competition law provide for the protection of confidential information through contractual relationships. Therefore, it is proven that, when setting up a startup, all relevant intellectual property must be transferred to the company through the conclusion of an intellectual property transfer agreement. 5. It should clearly indicate a time frame within which confidential information is disclosed. A confidentiality agreement should have a period during which confidential information is disclosed. This term generally depends on the nature of the transaction or the relationship between the discloser and the recipient. 6. It should clearly state the period during which the confidentiality of the information should be preserved. A confidentiality agreement should provide for a period during which the recipient is required to respect the confidentiality of the information. 3.

It should clearly define the obligations of the parties. As a general rule, an Assignor is required to assign its ownership shares to the agent. Depending on the nature of the IP transfer agreement used, the agent may also be required to pay the agent a lump sum or a certain amount of equity. 1. It should clearly identify the parties to the confidentiality agreement. When a confidentiality agreement is signed, a confidential relationship is concluded between the individual or corporation that discloses confidential information and the individual or legal person who receives the confidential information (destination).