Land Agreement In Italiano

A ecopoint system in line with the ecopoint system provided for in Article 11 of Protocol 9 of Austria`s Accession Act to the European Union applies to Swiss economic operators travelling throughout Austria as part of the implementation of this protocol. The calculation method and detailed rules and procedures relating to the management and control of ecopoints are defined as part of an administrative arrangement to be established as part of a joint agreement between the parties at the conclusion of this agreement and must, mutatis mutandis, comply with the provisions of that Protocol 9. 1) a joint committee known as the “Community and Switzerland`s Internal Transport Committee” is established; it is made up of representatives of the parties and is responsible for the management and proper implementation of this agreement. To that end, it develops recommendations. It decides on the issues under the agreement; these decisions are made by the contracting parties in accordance with their own rules. The joint committee makes its decisions by mutual agreement. (2) From the date of the entry into force of this agreement, Switzerland has a transitional period of two years to adopt its legislation on technical checks of vehicles which are equivalent to EU legislation. (2) However, until that date, existing rights are still permitted under existing bilateral agreements. These rights are listed in Schedule 5 of this agreement. – are authorised in the Member State of the Community in which they are based or in Switzerland, for the transport of buses and buses in the form of regular services, including special services, or occasional services 1. Subject to paragraphs 2 and 3, Switzerland adopts, no later than six months after the signing of this agreement, provisions equivalent to EU legislation on technical conditions for road transport, in accordance with Annex 1, Section 3. When Switzerland intends to take the safeguard measures covered by Article 46 of the agreement, the following conditions apply. – Statement by Switzerland on the application of tariff quotas (40 t), agreement between the European Community and the Swiss Confederation on the transport of goods and persons by rail and road – Final Act – Joint Declarations – Information on the entry into force of the seven agreements concluded with the Swiss Confederation in the areas of the free movement of persons , air and land transport, public procurement, scientific and technological cooperation, mutual recognition in the area of compliance assessment and trade in agricultural products 4.

The measures are applied in such a way as not to impede the free movement of goods or services between the contracting parties, in particular with regard to the management and collection of road tolls or tolls, the absence of systematic controls or controls at the borders between the contracting parties and the absence of excessive formalities. In order to avoid difficulties, Switzerland is trying to apply eu-enforcement legislation in this area. (1) The agreement between the Community and Switzerland aims, on the one hand, to liberalise the access of the contracting parties to the market for passenger and freight transport by road and, on the other hand, to liberalise the efficiency of the management of links which, from a technical, geographical and economic point of view, are the most appropriate for all modes of transport with limited traffic under the agreement and , on the other hand, to lay the groundwork for a coordinated transport policy. The European Community and the Swiss Confederation declare their intention to enter into negotiations for agreements in areas of common interest, such as the update of Protocol 2 of the 1972 Free Trade Agreement and Switzerland`s participation in certain Community training, youth, media, statistics and environmental programmes.