Free Sample Pre-Incorporation Agreement

FOURTH, the parties also agree not to transfer, sell, sell, mortgage or sell their shares issued by the company until they have first put the shares of the company up for sale and then, if the company refuses such an offer, they are made available to other shareholders on a pro rata basis. All shares are offered at their book value. In the event that the Company refuses the purchase of these shares, the other shareholders will have no less than thirty (30) days to purchase the shares. If the company or other shareholders do not acquire all of the shares offered, the remaining shares may be freely transferred from their owner to other parties without price restriction. SIXTH, all Parties to this Agreement undertake to make every effort to integrate the Organization and commence its activities in a timely manner. ______Par therefore, taking into account the premises and reciprocal agreements included therein, the parties agree on keyword research (e.g. B”sales contract”) Advanced search. . FIRST, the parties create and organize a company in accordance with the laws of the state __ CONSIDERING that the parties listed above wish to set up a company under the conditions set out below; and the desire to define their reciprocal rights and obligations with respect to their organizational activities of the enterprise; Second, the proposed articles of association for this company are annexed to Schedule A. THIRD, within seven (7) days of the first issue of the company`s instrument of incorporation, the parties agree that the authorized shares of the company will be distributed as follows and that consideration will be paid:.