Deed Of Agreement Nust

Concept of real estate markets asset – space, pricing of different categories of real estate, marketing principles, methods / strategies of marketing real estate, real estate marketing research techniques, real estate development (complete and incomplete building), memorandum of understanding, declarations of ownership, change of real estate property, registration of real estate, commission and other legal costs, challenges in the marketing of real estate. introduction to real estate management, real estate development, real estate, leases, rental rules in Zimbabwe, rent pricing for retail, housing, industry, office use; The role of real estate agents in property management; Identification and evaluation of construction defects; Repair and maintenance of buildings Aspects of architectural supplements and building modifications Need financial support for student students and masters in the form of: . Accept your provisional scholarship offer – deposit fee for secure admission and the “Harvard Business School License” Rs.7000 per year scholarship is billed to students of BBA and BS Accounting and Finance How to apply for Nust Need Based Scholarship, Don`t worry, we are here to support. The module presents the principles of sustainable development in real estate. Sustainability principles, the location and sustainability of buildings, environmental issues related to real estate, the profitability of sustainable buildings, the use of sustainability rating tools in real estate, the design and acquisition of sustainable buildings, environmental legislation, stakeholder participation in sustainable/green projects. . BLP 4001 Property Studies Research Project 20 Credits . He is also a widely published scientist with more than 25 articles in world-renowned trade journals and has lectured at numerous conferences, public lectures and seminars. His research priorities are mineral transformation, water treatment and waste to energy, where he has established himself as a young researcher who has produced a number of high-quality, coherent core work and an ongoing commitment to this field. . The course work is based on computer-aided designs and applications to provide insight into the use of computers in the design and functionality of modern integrated CAD and GIS systems. The focus is on the production and use of software applications in real estate development and estate management such as MS Project, Primavera, Model Marker, Spreadsheets and so on. Students should always be kept informed and make changes and improvements to computer science.

All questions about the NUST or Nust need Based Scholarship tax structure will be answered in this blog. This blog will provide support to students who wish to apply for the needs-based NUST BOURSE. For more information, please visit the BLP 4202 Professional Practice – Procedure 10 Credits Principles, purpose and sources of law, contract law, contractual terms, essential elements of a contract, valid and invalid contracts and remedies, restitution law, law of offence, (False representation, negligence, coercion, inappropriate influence, violation, harassment). Work contracts, contract terms, typical construction and civil engineering contracts, different types of work contracts and procurement systems. The module is an introduction and evolution of the use of the source of exploration and the production of specialized and technical information, the organization of documentary research, format and style.