6 thoughts on “Zidane vs Materazzi in Flash”

  1. ZIZOU, you stay a LEGENDE for french and all football´s fans
    and materazzi, you are the bad boy !!!!!!!!
    He is really a bad boy, go to see the videos and the web site http://materazzi.wordpress.com/ it´s crasy to see that in the football !!!

    ok, his gest is inexcusable ….. aber he stays a big player. the italian forgot what he did with the Juve.

    Merci à toi Zidane, on ne t´oubliera pas !!!

  2. @aurèlie: Yes,Zidane is a great player,i have already suggest the blog materazzi.wordpress.com here:

    No one discusses the abilities about Zidane and that which he has done in the Juve but if Materazzi is a bad boy,then what is Zidane? In everyway read this other post:

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